My amazing friend, Angela, is hosting an open ended adoption fundraiser for us!  I am so blown away by her generosity and support!

Mary Kay Fundraiser WEBCan you believe it: 30% of every order goes to our fund.  Unreal.

And you can get direct shipping with any order of $25 or more.  AND if you spend $40, you get a free gift!  Wahoo!!

You can use the code BROUSEBABY until further notice (aka: until we meet or adoption funding needs).  Yes, that means that as of right now, this opportunity is open ended!

Angela is a fantastic consultant and knows her stuff.  She has helped me find lotion that has helped my NewMexico mountain air skin find some moisture.  And has helped me find some “foundation” in tinted moisturizer.  And she has encouraged me plenty in embracing God’s design in Mindy.

If you have a MaryKay rep already, stay dedicated, of course, but consider buying once for the fundraiser.  I’m sure your rep would want you to support such a great cause once, ask her!

blog announcement

I would sooooo appreciate you sharing the link to this post in any way you can, to spread the word.

Pin MK Fundraiser

I can add you to the Facebook Event for this fundraiser if you like!  Just say so in the comments section {I am still trying to make those visible to y’all and not to just me!}

Beautify & bless via this MaryKay adoption fundraiser!



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