Alrighty, friends!  We got the call from the adoption agency to move into the active stage!  That means our fundraising has to kick into high gear.

Thanks to the LORD, we have raised/earned $8,630.31 so far.  We still need $12,000 to meet the expected cost of the adoption.  Today… we kick off a big fundraiser to help achieve that goal.  Our Autism Love shirt!

Autism and Adoption Shirt Image PIN

Underneath LOVE it says: it makes the world go round.  {the shirts won’t have Grateful for on them, that’s just so people know where to come if they see the image and so that it is less likely other will steal it}

CLICK HERE to buy! 

Would you please share about this t-shirt fundraiser with every special needs teacher, parent, advocate, or friend you know?   Would you consider buying a shirt, for yourself or others?  Would you tell as many people about it as possible, believing some of them would like the shirt?

These t-shirts sell for $21.50 (less for kids, more for long sleeve and sweatshirts) and they are shipped directly to the buyer.

Why did we create this design as our fundraiser?  Well… it just seemed like a perfect fit for us.

The puzzle piece is the symbol for autism awareness.  Since Paul is the director of a summer camp for kiddos with autism, autism is at the forefront of our minds.  We care a lot about advocating for people on the autism spectrum.  We love loving them.  We want others to do the same.

So…. we can do two things with this t-shirt: we can get closer to meeting our fundraising goal for our domestic adoption AND we can advocate for people with autism!

Pretty much perfect!

I’m grateful to have learned about Bonfire Funds from another friend who is adopting (two boys from Africa).  This fabulous company doesn’t charge us for our design and account.  It allows us to raise funds and keep with our “no debt for our adoption” philosophy.

Bonfire Funds does not charge the t-shirt buyer until the minimum goal for the fundraiser is met AND they use quality SOFT shirts!  They don’t want anyone with a cruddy shirt because then the shirts won’t get worn and Bonfire gets a bad name.  So… when you buy this shirt, you can know it will be soft.

I will admit that I am seriously in love with this design.  I came up with the basic part a few weeks ago and my friend Edie kicked it up a few notches.  I think it’s fabulous.

This design is one of a kind and you can only get it from us!

I am even more in love with the idea of raising $4,000+ (300 shirt adult shirt) with this fundraiser, which is our big goal.  Our minimum goal is 100.  You will have your shirt(s) two weeks after the order is placed.

Won’t you help us?

To sweeten the deal for helping us.… We are giving away an Amazon gift card for every 100 shirts ordered! Yup!

How do you enter the giveaway?

  • Share this post on Facebook and tag me in the post or comments so that I can see it.  The post must be either “public” or “with friends” (as opposed to the “just me or “custom” options).    You may tag Mindy Thurmond Brouse.
  • Send an email to many, many friends explaining about the fundraiser and the shirt, CCing me in the email (mindybrouseATgmailDOTcom).
  • Blog about this post and send me the link.
  • Join the Facebook event Autism & Adoption: Brouse Family Fundraiser.  Leave me a comment, send me a FB pm, or send me an email if you can’t figure out how to join.
  • Google+ this post with these tags: #autism #autism awareness #adoption #adoptwithoutdebt.  Tag me in the comments.
  • Tweet this post and #autism #adoption.
  • Pin this post on Pinterest and tag me in a comment (Mindy Brouse)

You get one entry for every one of these you do.  Seriously.   Click on the Rafflecopter giveaway (at the very end of this post) for each one you do, but know that I will verify it if you are chosen as a winner; gotta be fair to the others.

1 Amazon gift card for every 100 shirts ordered!

Of course, we will be sharing about the shirt and fundraiser with everyone we can, including special ed teachers and education assistants. And our Facebook pages.  And emails.  And more.

BUT… the little bit of time it takes you to share about this shirt and adoption fundraiser could bless us tremendously. 

With 1 in 63 or 1 in 50 (depending on the source) diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, the odds of you having people in your life that would appreciate this shirt are great.

So…. CLICK HERE to buy your shirt(s)!  

And then…. share this post like crazy!

Bless us.

Bless others.

Bless yourself (if you win a gift card).

Won’t you share the love about our Autism Awareness and Adoption Fundraiser T-shirt?

{Yes, our puzzle namesake art fundraiser is still going.  We have only made half of our goal for that.  If you are interested in sponsoring a puzzle piece with only $20, click here to learn more!}

a Rafflecopter giveaway


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