Eleven days ago my life changed in a way I can’t fully appreciate yet.  I became a mother via adoption.

I stood in the OB operating room and watched as a dear friend delivered her daughter and my daughter.  A squirming, beautiful, and instantly loved baby girl came forth.

And I wept.

And MH wept.

Tears of joy mingled with tears of pain.

Adoption always includes both.

We named her Jubilee Mila.

Jubilee 2

Jubilee: a celebration honoring God and that all belongs to Him; done every seven sevens of years; our seventh child; born seven years after the previous; in the actual year of Jubilee.

Mila: a nod to a connection between me and MH; her favorite book that she “made” me read years and years ago and which I have never forgotten (Mila 18)

Jubilee Mila is stunning.  She is in the NICU.  And when I say she, I mean we. And when I say we, I mean me and her.

She was having some breathing issues, but those have resolved.  Now the main concern… so much so that they are estimating a month stay…, is eating.  Her muscles don’t have the stamina to eat well.

This is common in babies with Down syndrome.  But it’s not common in my life and so I have struggled with my emotions.

I am doing better, but it’s a dance.

I am encouraged though because when she has the strength and energy to nurse, she latches well.  And I am making milk!! Enough to mostly feed her!

Jubilee 3

So, we will do this dance, stepping towards home and having our family  together. Trusting God as we have these six years and especially these last nine months.

MH goes home tomorrow and that will be crazy emotional for us both.  Please keep praying for her.  She has done amazingly, but she has a rough few weeks ahead of her as she transitions.

She has signed, relinquishing her rights and her daughter into my and Paul’s arms.  {see the steps blog post to know what’s next}

So…Maybe Baby no more! It’s Jubilee Mila!

Jubilee 1

Rejoice with us!!

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