I am sooo stinkin’ excited to announce that we are finally being moved to the home study phase with our adoption agency!  On November 7th, we have our orientation meeting for this big part of the journey.  There are a ton of items on a list for this and a bazillion pieces of paper. Physicals.  Fingerprints.  Interviews.  Inspections.  Lots of stuff, but…

It means we are one step closer to Maybe Baby!

Maybe Baby

After being on the waiting list since February 24th, this is fantastic news.

Many people have asked, so … what do we need?

Well, we need 220 puzzle piece sponsors.  We are selling sponsored pieces of a one of a kind piece of art that is painted on the front of a 500 piece puzzle.  The art is secret until all the pieces are sponsored.  You can read the entire post about this fundraiser, but know this: we absolutely love seeing the names of all the sponsors.

What a beautiful gift this is going to be for our child. A forever keepsake noting people who helped bring him/her home.  Love.it.

Here is a glimpse at a the upper left corner and some beautiful, gorgeous sponsors.

Names on Puzzle Pieces WEB

One piece is only $20.  Get one today! Get one for every member in your family!

Need a unique Christmas gift idea for someone who has everything?  We’ll mail them a photo of their puzzle piece with a thank you note from our entire family!  Just tell us you’d like that in a private message.


These last pieces selling would accomplish this fundraiser AND complete our fundraising.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  When the puzzle is complete, so is our fundraising! Thanks to lots of hard work and amazing people, we are that close to our fee expenses needs.  You can help our picture come together, literally and figuratively.

Won’t you help us? 

 {you can also mail a check, if you’d rather… email me for instructions  mindybrouse(at)gmail(dot)com}

We need prayer.  Waiting on the Lord during this journey is a bit challenging at times.  Submitting a book and/or letter to a birth mom is more than a bit intimidating.  It’s like trying out at the highest level.  Seriously nerve wracking.

Unless I remember (I say I and not we because Paul is cool as a cucumer in this area) that God is in control.  He is sovereign.  He has the child chosen.  His timing is perfect.

I don’t always remember that.

How can you pray?  Our requests are that we rest in God’s sovereignty, that the birth mother and father feel confident and at peace in their decision, for the health and safety of birth mama and baby, and that we glorify the Lord in every step.

The fervent prayers of the saints accomplish much.  Won’t you pray for us? 

Last of the Puzzle Pieces PIN 2 WEB

So… wahoo!!  We move into an important part of our journey.

I think next week I will share and explain the stages and costs so y’all can see all of that.  I know it’s a bit confusing.

I’ve never been so excited to do paperwork in my life.

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