I shared lots of these ideas in 2012, but I added some more, so … enjoy! 

I am trying to be more intentional about taking the time to enjoy moments, days and experiences that can happen because we homeschool.  I was much better at doing so when I first started, but adding children and responsibilities seemed to push the “unnecessaries” out.   Gratefully, I’ve realized that the little moments of fun are necessary.  They set a tone for homeschooling.  And parenting in general, really.

I’m not crazy.  I don’t have entire reenactments with period costumes, song and food.  I don’t spend weeks and weeks on life size models either.  While doing those things is perfectly wonderful for some, for most of us, it’s just too much.

All I’m talking about is an hour or two every month, to take advantage of the time and ability to do something fun.  We’ve done sugar cookie dough maps, watching fun YouTube videos, simple field trips, etc.

Tomorrow is Leap Day.  Since Leap Year only happens every four years, my kiddos will live with me for probably only four of them.  Something will happen only four times while living with me.  That’s kinda strange to me. To commemorate the day, I thought it would be fun to do a few activities not a part of our normal routine.

I firmly believe that making memories with our children is a gift we give our children. And I just as firmly believe they don’t have to be epic things like trips to Disney World or something. I think it’s about traditions and being silly and thinking outside the box sometimes.

Leap Day Activities Collage WEB

Why not have a little fun on a day that only comes every four years?

Want to join us?  Here’s what we will do:

1) We’ll talk about how a person born on Leap Day figures out their age.   We’ll do the math to figure out each person’s age for every four years only.

2) We’ll play leap frog.

Leap Year Activities 2016

3)  We’ll talk about why we have leap year and what it does.  (Which means I’m gonna learn right along with my children.  A typical occurrence for homeschooling moms.)

4)  The older three students will calculate some fun Leap Year facts from this site.

5)  We will have a leaping contest (farthest, highest, silliest, loudest, etc.).

6)  The kids will leap off high objects and vote on who does it best. The storage shed will probably be a favorite.

7) We will make a list of animals that leap really well, guessing first and researching next.

8)  We will eat frog legs.

Letters to Ourselves

9) We will write letters to ourselves that I will hold onto until next leap year.

10) Lastly, we’ll be silly in general.  It’s a bit crazy and unusual to see February 29th on the calendar, so we’ll just be crazy in goofy ways.  We’ll wear silly hats, we’ll eat on the trampoline and sitting on a table, we’ll have breakfast for dinner and dinner for breakfast, and we’ll wear our clothes inside out.  Anything else the kiddos want to suggest, I’ll probably go for.  Why not.

All of these activities are free and won’t take much extra time at all.  You don’t have to do all of them, pick a couple.

Leap Day isn’t  meaningful in any emotional or eternal sense, but it’s unusual and it gives me an opportunity to make our homeschooling lifestyle memorable.  We will probably learn a thing or two and these facts might even stick better than normal because we take the time to cement them, but, more importantly, we’ll have moments together and we’ll make the most of them.

Let’s have some Leap Day fun and make memories!


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