What a Day

by GfG on September 21, 2010 · 7 comments

Today something happened that made my heart skip a beat and my grin radiate to the moon.  Something I’ve been waiting patiently for for quite some time.  Something that is a big step towards an important goal in our home.

Faith asked to read a book on her own, during her spare time.

“Mama, can I read my school book by myself?  While you do other things?”

“(insert heart skipping and face radiating moment here… and a slight pause as I basked in the moment) Of course, honey.”

A book.  Not a “living” chapter book, but not a Bob Book either.  A beginning reader.  Actually, the first in this series.

She has asked to read before, sure.  With me or with me nearby.  And she’s asked to “read” since she was a little girl, but it meant look at books, not actually read them.  Learning to read is work for her and she tires quickly.  I respect her effort and don’t push her.  We read a section during school and have read aloud time, and work on phonics a bit, but that’s all for now.  The last week of school before vacation we left Bob Books behind (we were out and I didn’t want to spend any more money… My Sweetie, if you’re reading this… you’re welcome) and opened this book.

It’s funny how milestones sometimes happen when you think they might never.  Those first days with the new reader, I watched her work as she sounded out words again and again … and again…and my heart wilted into  my toes, filled with anxiety, wondering if she would ever reach the point of enjoying reading and actually doing it (she’s seven and a half), not just sounding out.  The first step had to be enjoying the process, I knew.  She wanted to, I could tell, but the work was outweighing the desire.

Then it happened.

“Mama, can I read my school book by myself?”

Yes, darling!  Yes! Yes!  And forever yes!

Just when I thought this mama’s heart could barely contain such joy in one day, she came up to me hours later while I read my Kindle for the first time and said, “Can I sit with you and read my book?  You can read your book and I’ll read mine?  We can read at the same time sitting with each other?”

Goodness, I almost cried that time.  Instead I simply smiled and said, “I’d love that, sweetie.”

And I did.  Gloriously, I did.

While we sat and read, one of us sounding out most words and one of us staring at blurry words before her, a prayer of gratitude went up to the LORD.  Gratitude for the perseverance and accomplishment of one sweet, precious girl.

My, my, what a day. 

“Praise the Lord.  How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting it is to praise Him!”  Psalm 147:1

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