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by GfG on August 1, 2011 · 5 comments

As I get ready for a new school year, I started thinking about a few odd skills and now I’m wondering something:  When I get discouraged/concerned/freaked out that my kids are not learning the things I’d like them to learn,  can I be encouraged that at least they can…

… distinguish the crinkling of notebook paper from OREO package paper while three rooms away?

… use sarcastic wit as skillfully as Monty Python and two of them can now use the phrase “merely a flesh wound” in appropriate context?

… can smell chocolate on the breath of a loved one though they haven’t brushed their own teeth in twenty-four hours?

… create scenarios in which they yell, “Bacon?!  I knew it was a long shot”?

… can tout the talent of pretending they don’t smell poopie diapers long enough for me to come into the room as talented as any grandparent can?

… can work well in teams to beat my husband at spades with only minimal gloating?

… can go days without showering or using any resemblance of soap due to daily dips in the pool and the only evidence is a tad of crunch to their hair?

… can eat ice cream for dinner any of the day of the week and burn every calorie off without much effort (even if the camera prompted grin is the goofiest and weirdest kind there could ever be)?

So what off the grid skills are the kids in your life learning or what have they mastered this summer?

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