Her First Birthday Birthday

by GfG on August 31, 2011 · 3 comments

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Ok, it’s not her first.  It’s her third, I think.  Even though she turns six today.  For the last few years, she has wanted to celebrate her birthday at the beach, so we sorta… well, we sorta… we didn’t let her know the actual day of her birthday.  Well, our little girl has now become aware of the calendar.  She marked her birthday with her name and big red heart.  I wondered if she would keep paying attention.  She has.

So, for the first time since she turned three, we are celebrating on her actual day and she knows it.  She’s been counting down the days for quite awhile and is very excited.

This jewel of a daughter is so precious.  She’s a smartie (seriously).  She’s a joke wrecker.  She’s a klutz.  She’s a dirt/sticky stuff/smudge magnet (very seriously).   Have you ever seen the movie Miss Congeniality?  Well, that’s our Cutie Pie: smart and beautiful, but a natural slob and klutz.  We know it will all work out in the end.    😉

I offer the photos in this post as evidence of proof: by 8:28am, after being up only an hour, she already had smudges on her chin and cheek that had no known origin and she wanted her birthday photos taken with each of the headbands she received as her first gift of the day .  For the first photo, I helped “adjust” the headband but each subsequent photo shows her allowing less and less of Mama’s “help” until she did the headbands all by herself.

We love her very, very much and can’t imagine life without Cutie Pie.

We’re all geared up for a special day with her special menu, swimming & dinner with family & friends (we’ve tweaked an aspect of our birthday celebrations and now invite a family or two of friends) and are topping it off with a family slumber party.

I’m so grateful God moved my husband’s heart and then brought this delightful daughter into our lives.

I love every single silly and messy bit of her!

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Sis August 31, 2011 at 10:02 am

HA! Those photos are HYSTERICAL!!! The progression is FUNNN–YYYY! Very much a wonderful glimpse at how stinkin’ adorable that girl of yours is! Hair perfect or not, she’s beautiful and always makes me smile.

love y’all!


Autumn Beck | All About Cloth Diapers August 31, 2011 at 11:24 am

Oh, man! I love this cutie!!!


Cindi @ Rustique Art August 31, 2011 at 11:53 am

She is a cutie pie and every bit as sweet as her momma! I know you will all enjoy celebrating her today.


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