If the Shoe Fits, Buy It Event 2012 {giveaway}

by GfG on January 24, 2012 · 10 comments

Today, entries start for the international holiday, If the Shoe Fits, Buy It!  It’s one of my favorite holidays, though bittersweet.  Honoring my mom by shopping and/or donating for others to have shoes is a delight.  (Why shoes?)  I’d trade every single pair to have my mom back…

Our last 4th of July together.  I asked for a photo of just the two of us.  

Can’t you just see her heartache? 

…but that’s not an option, so let’s press on with the event.

There are three main ways to participate in this international holiday (a holiday favored by women, strangely).  You do not have to spend money.  Entries must be received by Friday, January 27 at 11:59pm.   Any one of these activities also gets you entered in the giveaway:

1) Buy a pair of shoes on January 25th, or in honor of my mom and email (gratefulforgrace at hotmail dot com) me a photo of the shoes.  Any kind of shoes, for anyone (though my mom was partial to buying for herself and her daughters).


2) Donate to Soles for Souls in memory of my mother (Georgia Lagarde).  You can have me listed as the person notified or you can forward your confirmation email to me.


3) Donate five or more pairs of shoes to a Soles for Souls station (or similar organization).  Please email me a photo of the shoes donated.  (You will get an entry for every 5 pairs donated, just FYI.)

You have to do one of these 3 before you can earn other entries, but after you do one, you can get your name in the hat more.  If you know you are doing one, but plan to do it on Wednesday, go ahead and click it so you can open the other entry options.

Start sharing on Facebook, on your blog, on Twitter, via email… by word of mouth (gasp! how old fashioned!)… about this event and two things happen:

1) I am blessed by others considering joining in on honoring my mom’s memory and

2) You gather more entries for the $75 shoe giveaway

Remember Soles for Souls gives a pair of shoes to someone in need for every dollar donated.  What a bargain!

What kind of shoes do you have in mind?  Practical?  Trendy?  Flats?  Boots?  For someone else?  For you?

My goal for the event is 100 pairs of shoes (bought + $ donations + donated shoes).   My goal for Wednesday is to buy a cute pair of shoes and talk about Mom.  Sis and I will spend the afternoon together, so the odds are good.  I will post the photo collage of all the shoes bought as well as the donation tally on Sunday.

Click on the [click to continue] box in blue below to enter via Rafflecopter!

Let If the Shoe Fits, Buy It 2012 begin!  (and may husbands worldwide accept it without complaints) 

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