A Weekend Away

by GfG on March 19, 2012 · 4 comments

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As the minivan full of six wonderful children and their grandpa pulled away with oranges, bananas and Kashi snacks destined to be ignored and unopened as cookies, chicken nuggets and ice cream are embraced, their mother ran into her kitchen giggling.

Yup, that mother was me, last Friday.

I glanced around and decided I’d clean the home in the four extra hours I had just been given before a glorious weekend alone with My Sweetie started.  Images of nice neat rooms and a glowing kitchen danced in my head.  Tidy bookshelves and empty floors.   Empty laundry baskets and sparkling mirrors.

I promptly sauntered over to my laptop.

An hour later (I like to round down significantly) …I broke away from the crack and straightened up my home (though the actual images at the end didn’t come remotely close to duplicating the images I imagined earlier).  As I walked through the halls, and rooms, I was filled with gratefulness towards the LORD who had worked out a weekend I hadn’t realized I desperately needed.

Seven years is way too long to wait for a weekend away with your husband. 

We had no plans.  Just wanted to gaze into each other’s eyes.  Talk.  Be alone.  Reconnect emotionally.

Oh, and eat out a lot.  Big fat desserts.  Restaurants that we might never bring the kiddos to.  Fancy plates and napkins.  Mood music.  And desserts, did I mention desserts?

Our evening started over falafel and kebabs.  We let out our breath and  looked at each other like kids let out for summer vacation.

Closing the meal with Turkish tea and the best baklava I’ve ever had was pretty stinkin’ great.   I was sure to drink the tea in the same way the Turkish mafia boss did in the table next to me.   You don’t doubt my mob spotting skills do you?

I may or may not have placed a to go order for my “I can’t believe I’m sneaking food into the movies, but this baklava is so much better than any candy on the planet” movie treat.

The next day we behaved like we did during our pre-kid years:  we ate out and hung out at Barnes and Noble.

Are you the hang out in a bookstore kind of person?

Saturday we experienced a first: bubble tea!

After the most delish Thai meal I’ve ever had (Pa Nang, I love you!), I had an unusual dessert.

Raise your hand if you do not know what bubble tea is?  Raise your hand if you think it involves tea and bubbles?

Yeah, it doesn’t.  It does involve a smoothie kind of drink with tapioca balls in it.  No tea, but lots of fruit flavors to choose from or combinations.  I had taro and almond with strawberry.  When I took that first sip and that big ball of tapioca popped up, it was pretty weird.

But delicious.  And it was the first time I wished the kids were with me so they could experience it too.  I got over it and decided to bring them sometime and jumped right back into couple mode.

More Barnes and Noble after bubble tea.  Seriously, how fun is it to sit around a book store, lounging and reading (and playing on an iPad, maybe)?  Big fun!

Dinner was one of those long talks, contemplate the future, share serious moments, and hold hands waaaaayyy longer than the waiter wants to wait.  All with creamy jalapeno sauce.  Perfection.

We were more than full, but wanted to check out a new fangled place we had heard about: Orange Leaf.  It was supposed to be a scouting stop, not an eating stop.

Turns out, Orange Leaf has brilliant marketers.  They hand you some little cups to fill with flavor samples.  They should call them hooks for bait.  We waddled out bloated as puffer fish.  Very, very happy puffer fish.

We giggled at each other and stayed up late talking.  Not a single person burst in our room and we both used the bathroom uninterrupted.  Strange.

After church with friends, we hit India Palace.  You may have heard me mention it before (a few lotsa times) here.  All hopes of eating and not overeating, dissolved as soon as I had my first bite of Navratan Korma.  Oh, my stinin’ heck!   I’m pretty sure heroin must be in that recipe.

As we lounged the rest of our day away, we felt grateful for our time alone together and decided to get a thank you to the friends who shared their guest house.  Clearly, the best thank you item would be an Orange Leaf gift card.

Hooks and bait, I’m telling you.  Hooks and bait.

I”m so grateful for the 54 hours (but who was counting?) with My Sweetie.    Lots of great food, great time and great company.

So… what would you do if you had 52 hours with just your hubby?  




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Thyme March 19, 2012 at 10:23 am

Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! We also spent the weekend without our beautiful babies. It involved going to Red Robin just to eat mozzarella cheese sticks and milkshakes, and then Sushi for real dinner. And then laying in bed for hours and talking. :) Ahhhh bliss!


Denine March 19, 2012 at 10:36 am

Mindy, that sounds so great!!! You amaze me w/ your different tastes for food…I’m a bit boring I’m afraid!


Tammy March 19, 2012 at 6:13 pm

So thrilled for you!!!!!!!!! How exciting. So glad you had such a good time.


mideastmom April 4, 2012 at 10:18 am

Sounds blissful!


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