Make the Most of Your C-Section: Prepare for a More Natural & Personalized Birth

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Bridge the gap between delivery room and operating room!

(whether you are planning a c-section or not!)

In my book Make the Most of Your C-Section: Prepare for a More Natural & Personalized Birth I share the experience and encouragement necessary for any woman to create a plan that is much more than a doctor centered surgery, but a beautiful experience that is tailored to her wishes. 

Let my experience with six c-sections and my passion help you!

Don’t make the mistake I made with my first c-section!

For many years I thought the beauty and magic of a natural birth was only for women in delivery rooms.  Now I know that c-section moms can share much of the awe and bonding that have been reserved only for natural births for entirely too long.

Experience many of the moments a natural birth mother gets to enjoy! 

My suggestions for every aspect of a c-section will help any woman who plans to have – or ends up having- a cesarean!  After six c-sections, I have tips for how to prepare and recover physically, emotionally, logistically, and domestically.

 Feel your best before, during and after your c-section!

See what Make the Most of Your C-Section: Prepare for a More Natural & Personalized Birth offers you:

  • Physical Preparation
  • Emotional Preparation
  • Birth Plan? Yes!
  • Hospital Details to Consider
  • Family Centered C-Section
  • Regular C-Section Made Personal
  • Planning on Having a Natural Birth?
  • Remember C-Sections are Physical Too
  • Celebrate the Moment
  • While Still in the Hospital
  • After You Get Home
  • Make the Most of Talking to Your Doctor
  • and MORE!

Your doctor and nurses will not tell you what I will tell you, I am confident!  They are used to leading when it comes to c-sections because cesareans have typically been unaffected by the patient.  It’s time to change that.  While c-sections have increased dramatically, the protocol for them has changed only a little in the last decades, as far as the patient’s experience goes. I can help you with that!

You may even be planning a natural birth so you think you don’t need this book.   You want to be emotionally and strategically prepared for the unexpected.  You want your Plan B to be just as personal as your Plan A.  I can help you with that!

You may even be anti c-section.  I hear you.  I am very much pro natural birth.  While I wish that every woman could experience natural birth, they can’t.  The next best thing is to bring as much of the natural experience into the operating room.  I can help you with that!

After six c-sections and conversations with many other cesarean moms, my passion is advocating for your birth experience!

A c-section is not just a surgery… it’s a birth!

Cherish every moment of it….Make the most of it!

The tips and suggestions I share in Make the Most of Your C-Section: Prepare a More Natural & Personalized Birth  is priceless in what it can create for one of the most special days of your life. You will find these to be invaluable in how your c-section goes: before, during and after.

Buy the book now for only $7.97   All of the money from now goes to fund our adoption! 


A home birth advocate reviews and recommends my book on Amazon: Autumn Beck of All About Cloth Diapers.

Another home birth advocate reviews and recommends my book on her blog: Growing Home.

Be sure to read the reviews on Amazon too.  If you buy there, I sure would appreciate a review.  I only get 70% of the money, so if you are willing, PDF allows me full sales profit.


(I will need a twenty-four hour window for eBook delivery.  I usually only takes a couple of hours, but if I am not home to see the email, it will take a bit.  Book delivery is usually very quick, but I appreciate your understanding that I am a mom too.  After I email you the PDF file, you simply download it to your computer/tablet.)



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