Outdoor Movie Night

by GfG on September 18, 2012 · 2 comments

Have you ever been to a drive in?  Have you ever watched a movie while sitting in a field or at a park?  There is just something about enjoying a movie out in the open. Maybe it’s creation meets creativity.

If you add crazy friends, then you really have a special evening.

Last Friday night, we enjoyed an evening like that with some new buddies.

Gobs of goodies.

Fabulous film


Quote quipping

We set up the theater with precision, watched the sunset as the previews played, snuggled under blankets, ate junk food, giggled at all the right scenes, listened to many voices speak or sing along with the movie, and simply enjoyed the experience.

It was a very memorable night.

As I sat there, with my precious children and our new friends, I was full of gratitude.  God has provided for us, not just friends, but fun friends.  Friends who want to be with us, who make special moments for us, who treat us like they’ve known us for much longer than four months.

While that night was special to me for all those reasons, I am eager to have another outdoor movie night (as are the children).

Again, there is just something about enjoying a movie outdoors.

I encourage you to find a way to make such a memory for your kids.

Have you ever had an outdoor movie night? 


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