Eating Well {February Challenge}

by GfG on January 22, 2013 · 3 comments

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My {Eating Well} series is a way of helping progress to a healthier and healthier eating lifestyle, one step at a time.  One month at a time. Research shows that we are more likely to stick with big change if we make little ones gradually. So… each month I present a new challenge.

Umm… ok, so January’s challenge didn’t get posted due to the fact that December was a whirlwind for me.  Seriously. Three rounds of company from the 20th til the 31st, puking kids off and on during that time, and lots of Christmas activities.  It was an adventure.

Anyhoo… it’s time for another {Eating Well} challenge!

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It’s time to talk veggies.  You are probably not surprised I’m bringing them up finally.  Vegetables are often talked about, but still not actually eaten enough.  We need to remedy that if we are really going to be {Eating Well}.

This month’s challenge is this: 3-5 servings of vegetables a day.  

Don’t run!  We can do this!  Break it down to at least one vegetable with lunch and at least two at dinner and you’ve got it.  More than that is even better!  Start where you can.

You know I mean your whole family, not just you, right?   :-)

I will even let you count potatoes as a vegetable UNLESS you fry them (french fries are not healthy, so don’t even go there).  Great article on potatoes and why they shouldn’t get a bad rap (if the skin is still on).

Favorite veggies in our house: spinach salad, colored bell peppers, broccoli (especially roasted), cauliflower (same as the broccoli), kale (also roasted), carrots, potatoes (both kinds),

We haven’t always done well with veggies and I’ve appreciated my readers’ help.  Thanks!

The key to serving vegetables is to make sure they are tasty and that you are positive about them.  If you are trying something new, positive reinforcement is important (think: dessert on new veggie nights or veggies I really want them to eat night).

Think outside the box, or pot.  Don’t boil vegetables.  You lose nutrients and often the appeal.  Roast, steam, saute.  Add seasoning (yes, even butter or coconut oil).   Add the veggies to the main dish (but make sure you are adding a lot, if you want the vegetables to count as a serving: 2 carrot slices in the stew is not a serving).

Also, consider your snack options.  If fruits and vegetables are part of that, you are getting a serving in perfectly.  Here the only snack options are: cheese sticks, carrots, fruit, small colored peppers.  If they are really hungry, they’ll eat one of those.

Finally, keep vegetables in sight.  If a kid can have a pepper or a carrot or a radish as a walk by snack, set them out for luring.  Seriously.

So… come on, you know you gotta eat your vegetables!


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The Reader January 22, 2013 at 7:16 am

love this!! I do need to work on getting my youngest to eat more veggies. The rest of us do pretty well. I try and serve his favorite veggies at least 3x/week, but I should make an effort to have one of his favorite veggies every single night, and then add a 2nd veggie for us as well. He’ll eat carrots, broccoli & cauliflower….

I also need to limit snacks. Fruit & veggies, yes. But they also snack on cereal. -ahem- Or a PB&J sandwich…. I need to work on making available healthier grab & go snacks so that they do not fill up on cereal. My budget will thank me, too. Thanks for the challenge! Going to work on this one!


AnnetteQ January 22, 2013 at 4:01 pm

Ok. So this may sound totally weird, but my kids like to eat frozen corn and peas, and some beans….still frozen. In fact, that is often a favorite snack. We discovered this by accident when Bekah was a toddler and would “help” me cook. Often she would eat the veggies right out of the bag. Same with frozen fruit. We love trying seasonal veggies…esp all the squash varieties. Have you tried speghetti squash…actually in place of pasta..? Yum!


Denise January 22, 2013 at 10:26 pm

I wasn’t sure what to make for lunch today… then I read your post… then I decided on quesadillas because I had some leftover taco meat. But, I was inspired to think outside of the refried beans can… so, I opened up a can of pinto beans and black beans (drained and rinsed), two cans of mexicorn (corn with green and red peppers) and drained them, and topped with 1 cup of salsa… I simmered this on the stove while I made the quesadillas and there was almost nothing left! The kids polished off lunch with a piece of fruit. Thanks for the inspiration to be creative!


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