A Daughter’s Entry into Makeup Wearing

by GfG on June 26, 2013 · 3 comments

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We are hitting some big milestones this year.  Wowza.  I’m not sure I’m ready to be a mother of daughters this old, but ready or not, here it all comes.

Hannah Beth is halfway to seventeen and she is now a senior in high school.  I finally decided she was ready to wear make up.  Several things were in place to help me make this decision:

  • She has a strong sense of herself.
  • She possesses a terrific view of modesty.
  • She holds a beautiful view of beauty. 
  • She bears confidence and strength.
  • She knows her value in her family, her friends, and Her Savior.
  • She knows she is loved and cherished.

I am not worried about her finding her identity in her looks because we have prayed, trained, and been blessed in this area for her.  I would not want a daughter who has low esteem in her appearance to believe make up is the only way she is lovely.  HB doesn’t have that issue at all.

So… allowing her to enhance her beauty as she sees fits seemed a natural step.  I prayed and thought and thought and prayed about how to go about it.  Finally… I had a plan.

First, a sweet new young woman (Rachelle, 20 years old) accepted my request to give HB a make up lesson.  Just the two of them.  I supplied HB’s new make up materials and some natural products.  Rachelle supplied the talent and guidance.  I arranged it secretly, but HB found out (that stinker!), so it wasn’t a surprise.

Make Up WEB

I admire Rachelle’s modesty in all ways and her beautiful womanhood.  She loves serving her family, her LORD, and her community.  She is a lovely role model in many ways.  And I like how she uses make up.

I dropped HB off at her friend’s after sharing a short and sweet word of encouragement.  I would have loved to stay and watch and be a part of it, but that’s not how HB operates.  She doesn’t like being the center of attention.  It has been a struggle, but I accept that.

They had a fun time.  Rachelle even shared verses on beauty and godly womanhood.   <3

And my daughter looked even lovelier, which I didn’t think was possible.

HB make upped  WEB

I knew her taste would run in the natural line.  I pretty much stared at her all day.  We grinned and wondered what her daddy would do and say.

Phoebe whispered to me a couple of hours after HB arrived back home, “Mom.  Hannah has make up on!”       :-)

Next, I took her to Bare Escentuals.  Again, I didn’t stay.  I left her in the hands of the pro after a few instructions (making sure HB shared her make up goal/preference and then me saying, “She can’t buy anything, but is making a wish list.  Seriously.  No buying.      :-)      ).

We even went to an Aveda Institute for hair cuts and some pampering.  It was a sweet time together.  HB got a brand new hair cut.  She really looked older after our day and that had me second guessing all of this.     😉

Finally, she spent some time with another dear friend, this one an older wiser lady that loves doing make up and whose make up use I also admire.  She is very classy, modest, and loves the LORD.

They had a lovely time together and even did three make up work ups.

HB make upWEB

Why three different appointments?  Make up isn’t really my thing and I’m far from confident with it.  Never have been.

I wanted my daughter to have a few samples of different views, styles, and methods.  I wanted her to be encouraged to find her own style and comfort by seeing make up through three different people’s eyes: a young Christian role model, a godly older woman, and a “professional”.

I’m so very grateful that HB is ready for make up because it means she has matured in many areas.

Mothering sure is full of bittersweet moments, isn’t it?  I was proud and wistful at the same time, watching her go learn and seeing her come back “enhanced”.  Sigh.

I’m so grateful for my daughter’s inner beauty.

And her learning about make up to bring out the outer beauty God has given her.

How do you plan to teach your daughters about make up?  How did you learn? 



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Tonya June 26, 2013 at 9:42 am

Thank you for sharing how you marked this milestone. We also celebrated and have made every effort to see this as a beautiful blessing from The Lord.



Laurie June 26, 2013 at 4:08 pm

I love you! You’re amazing.


Jan June 27, 2013 at 7:21 pm

Hannah Beth, you are just lovely. Thanks for being the center of one of your mom’s posts!! Of course, I want more photos!!! So proud of the woman you have become.


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