Favorite Christmas Movies? {Share!}

by GfG on December 22, 2013 · 2 comments

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There is something special about Christmas movies. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of movies in general, but… well…. Christmas movies are different.  They form memories in special ways.

We love to watch a few specific movies at Christmas time.  I’d love to hear your suggestions and your family favorites, so please chime in via the comments! (You have to click on the title of this post to be able to comment… didn’t realize this and I’m working on fixing it, but I’m not the best IT gal.)

Our top Christmas movie is “Scrooge”.  No contest.


We are big musical fans, so when some friends introduced this to us, we were instantly in love.  I believe it’s the best adaption of “A Christmas Carol” ever.  We watch it every year the day after Thanksgiving (or as soon as possible).  Then we sing it the rest of the season.         😉

I posted about this movie before here and then I had to share a about how hilarious it was the first few times our Littles started singing songs from this fantastic movie (and it was also a bit of a warning to y’all).  Ahem.

If you haven’t seen this… please do so, then you can sing “Thank You Very Much” to me in gratitude.

Our other family favorite is “Elf”.  I am coming out about this movie.  I fought it for years.  I can not stand Will Ferrell (that’s putting it nicely, really) and I knew it was not a godly movie.  I finally caved.  My suspicions were correct, but not as much as I had thought.  There are lines I wish weren’t in it, but…. we laugh and laugh and laugh.  Seriously.

Lastly, we watch “The Nativity” every year. It’s not 100% Bionically accurate, but we still like it.  It sets the tone nicely.  Not a musical.         😉    And counters “Elf” nicely.

We don’t watch a lot of Santa movies out of our personal conviction.  {I shared about how we try to keep the focus off Santa and some other ideals we have in this post.}

We don’t really watch any other movies.  I’d like to add “Meet Me in St. Louis” to our list, but I don’t know of others I’d like to add.  Please suggest some!

What is your favorite Christmas movie and what others do you watch?

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Martha Smith December 22, 2013 at 1:36 pm

A Muppet Christmas Carol. Tradition since 1994. This is watched many times throughout the season, but especially when putting up the tree. I love Patrick Stewart, so his Christmas Carol is also a staple. Elf is also a standard here per Zak’s request. I’m warming up to it too.


Jan Tessier December 24, 2013 at 6:24 am

(A note, the option to respond has been hit or miss since the updates to your blog = the flares perhaps? Not sure if it is just me or others are having the same issue? I cannot respond until someone else has done it first because there is no “leave a comment” until that time.)
And so, Christmas movies! We love “The Nativity Story,” likely because I have a crush on Joseph…and the story between Mary and Joseph is just so sweet; “Elf” – enough said; “It’s a Wonderful Life”…a must, must, must. Since last year’s post, we have added “A Christmas Carol” to the play list.


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