Huge Proof I Have Crazy Love For My Children

by GfG on January 15, 2014 · 12 comments

Moms are known for doing crazy things for their children.  All kinds of silliness and seriously sweet things to show love.  This past week, I joined the ranks of crazy.  A mom doing something crazy to show love to her children.  To two daughters, specifically.


I still can’t believe I did it and neither can Paul, who feels the same way I do about the items that have entered our home.


rat face WEB

On purpose.  Yes, seriously.  Two rats are in our house because I brought them here.


rat 1 WEB

You heard me, right right?

Here’s how the crazy went down:

We promised Chloe a cat for Christmas.  We have been a pet free home since August of 2008, when we had to leave The Ranch.  The kids have lobbied for a dog and cats since that time, to no avail.  We were renting or in a place we knew was not permanent and I didn’t want to get pets with a chance of having to give them away again.  So… we waited.

Waited for God to lead us to our Plan B which was/is actually his continuation of Plan A.

He led us to Albuquerque, New Mexico, but we were still renting.  Until a month ago.

Every house we looked at was evaluated by the children for pet abilities.  This one is perfect.

Hence the promise to Chloe for a kitty and to all the children for a dog.

As we moved and unpacked, we decided to wait until we pass the major snow months before getting a dog since it will be a mostly outside dog.  That being settled, Chloe turned her puppy dog (or kitty cat, as the case may be) eyes on me.  I convinced her to wait for her cat until after Dadaw’s visit since he is allergic.

Yet… as my excited mounted for getting a cat (I really love cats), reality did too.  I’m allergic and Phoebe is allergic.  We lived with three cats for many years, so it is doable.  It probably isn’t wise.

Sadly, that didn’t deter me.  Crazy, right?

What did slow me down… to a halt… was the number of people who said they wouldn’t be able to come visit us if we had a cat in the house.

That’s what did it for me: we shouldn’t let Chloe have an indoor cat.  How to tell her?  “Oh, LORD, please give me the right words and soften her heart,” was my prayer.  Seriously.

He gave me the right words… and two rats.  I will never be convinced God doesn’t have a sense of humor.

Just when I was near tears in having to bring a daughter to tears of disappointment, I took her aside with a smile.

“I have an offer for you, Chloe.  Babe, I know I promised you a kitty.  I’m so sorry, but I’ve been thinking and thinking about it and I think it’s not a good idea.  Many people {I named them} wouldn’t be able to ever come to our house, plus Phoebe and I’s allergies could go badly.  So… what if we made a trade?

What if I traded you a pet kitty of your own for a family outdoor cat AND two rats?”

To say she was ecstatic would be an understatement.  Seriously.

The fact that Phoebe has asked for a pet rat for years sure helped. (I’m pretty sure “No stinkin’ way. Ever.” was my answer to Phoebe.)

The next day, I went to get the little “things” from a sweet camp counselor who needed to find new homes for her pets.  I arrived home  to this sign.  And girls giddy for rats.

Welcome Home Rats WEB

Ugh.  You know that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark and the famous line, “Snakes!  It had to be snakes?!”  That’s how I feel about rats, tarantulas, and scorpions.


But I love my girls.  Mucho.  Crazy love them.

And I love guests to be comfortable in our home, as much as possible.

So… rats it is.

girls with rats each WEB

Don’t try to convince me they are cute.  Not.Gonna.Happen.

And Paul has warned the girls that the rats will be shot if they leave their assigned area and persons.  He’s serious.

Still…. the rats are happy and my girls are happy.  And we are cat dander free.

I guess that isn’t so crazy.

What crazy thing have you done for your children?

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