It’s Sanctity of Human Life Weekend and…

by GfG on January 18, 2014 · 1 comment

… that holds of world of meaning for me.  And many other women who suffer in pews silently.  And girls and young women who are struggling today.

Struggling with the idea of being pregnant when they don’t want to be.

A couple of months ago, I spoke with a girl who was pregnant.  She was a freshman in high school.  Her friends all told her that having an abortion was the only solution.  That it was no big deal, everyone does it.

I tried to share my heart, share the truth, and share what deception was surrounding her.

That pregnancy test meant so much more than she realized. 

She didn’t really hear me.  It was heartbreaking.

She would say, “I know abortion is wrong.  I shouldn’t do it.  But I think I probably will anyway.  I just don’t want everyone to know I”m pregnant and I don’t want to do this.”


I hear ya, sweet fifteen year old.  I do.

I’ve been there.


Today, please pray for the truth to break through to girls’ and young women’s hearts.  The conflict they feel emotionally and mentally simply can’t be put into words.  It’s a battle, pure and simple.   But there isn’t anything simple about it.

Today, please pray for the deceived women employed by or volunteering for Planned Parenthood.  The empowerment they think they are spreading for women is anything but.  It’s a battle, pure and simple.  But there isn’t anything simple about it.

broken-heart WEB framed

Today, please pray for the grace and forgiveness of Christ to enter the wounded hearts of young and old women who chose abortion at some point in their lives.  The grief and shame they bear is horrid and crushing.  It’s a battle for the fullness of their life, pure and simple.  But there isn’t anything simple about it.

Today, please pray for the tiny little life nestled in the womb of a young girl or woman who is contemplating death.  The conflict can’t be felt.  It’s a battle, pure and simple.  But there isn’t anything simple about it.

baby feet WEB

Pray for life…. to continue… abundantly.  For the one being knit together and for the one carrying the life.

LORD, hear our prayers! Amen!


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PrincessR January 18, 2014 at 10:05 pm

My heart just breaks hearing this! The lies that they are told….just for someone else’s benefit. So sad. There is MUCH to be done in this area and prayer is a HUGE part of it that I tend to overlook. Thank you for the encouragement!

I also want to say it really warmed my heart to read this. It is so easy to snub our noses at these girls and turn away- who wants our children to associate with them? But what they really need is a safe place to come and talk in, to find out what they want, not what they feel pressured to do. THANK YOU!

Rebecca H.


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