Take Photos with Your Mom, Even Silly Ones

by GfG on March 3, 2014 · 1 comment

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Last night I started blubbering while checking my Facebook feed.  Seriously.  It started innocently.   A photo that brought a heart warming smile.  Though my heart did ache a bit.  This is the photo that started it….

Autumn and her Mama

No, that’s not me.  No, I wasn’t there.  No, it wasn’t a special event.

It is my dear friend Autumn and her mama.  At Red Robin.

Nothing out of the ordinary.

But…. you see, that’s one of the reasons I love this photo and especially the one that follows.

I lost my mom six years ago.  One of the biggest regrets and heart aches I have is that I have hardly any photos of just the two of us together.  I have some, but not many.  And definitely not many from the digital age.

And it hurts my heart.

Autumn shared with me once that she has grown in her relationship with her mama because of my sharing my regrets in how I handled times with my own mama.  That helps me bear my grief: blessing others.

I love Autumn and she is precious with her mama.  Every time they are together, I remind her to make sure they get a photo together.  She’s pretty good about doing that on her own, but I remind her anyway because I’m like that.

So, when I saw the photo, I smiled, and ached just a tiny bit from my loss and regret.  I was happy though.

Then…. then my friend posted this one and I completely lost it:

Autumn and Her Mama laughingSeriously.  I was blubbering.  My family started asking what was wrong.  I showed them the photo.  Kept blubbering.  Paul explained.  Kept blubbering.  I finally left the room and sat on my bed for a few minutes to just cry it out.

This photo represents so much.  So much joy.  So much connection.  So much stinkin beautiful love between a daughter and a mother.

The good looking photos of you and your mama are great, don’t get me wrong, friends.  I’m no different than any other woman: I want to look my best in photos.  Take those smile perfect and looking good photos.

Yet…. it is these moments that really represent why we want photos with our mama.  Why we we love them so dearly.  Why we want them always.

Take photos with your mama.  Take lots of them.  And tell the photographer to just keep clicking to capture the moments before and after the posing sweet smiles.

And maybe you’ll capture a moment like this that needs no explanation.

Do you take photos with your mama? 

{Oh, AND Autumn and the All About Cloth Diapers community contributed $516 to our adoption fund!  Wahoo!  Thank you so much, dear friend.  I so appreciate you.}

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Jan March 3, 2014 at 5:49 am

Sniff, sniff. Such a sweet post with a bit of a sting. YES take photos w the mama. Here’s the deal. I lost my mom at 20…before college was done…before meeting the people dearest to my heart today (including two spouses and two sets of precious inlaws)…before losing my bratty adolescent attitude so that we could become friends…before I became a mama. But here’s the deal. As I age, I see her in every photograph, and it blesses my heart. Sigh. Love you!


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