Showing Love in the Little Things: He Scratches My Back

by GfG on April 14, 2014 · 2 comments

Sometimes it’s the little things that touch my heart.  And my spirit.  All the way down to the core. 

My youngest does it every time he gives me a hug.  Every time.

My precious second son is now six and he loves me dearly.  His love is a gift and treasure to me.  I try to soak in that truth and not take it for granted.  He does a little something daily that brings it home.

This sweet gift of a child scratches my back every time he hugs me.

Every time.

When I ask for a hug, he scratches my back just a little bit with one hand.  When he wakes me up in the morning by snuggling and hugging me, he scratches my back a little bit with one hand.  When he walks by me and just wants to pause long enough for a hug, he scratches my back a little bit with one hand.

It’s a little gesture.

But the sweetness of it is huge.

My little boy knows I like having my back scratched, so he scratches it gently.  It is so softly that I barely feel it and it doesn’t actually bring back scratching pleasure, but that isn’t really the point.  The point is that he loves me and does it in reflection of that.

scratching my back WEB

It really does make my heart swell and makes me want to weep from gratitude every time.   And convicts me a little bit.

I want to learn from my precious son by doing the little things for those I love.  Regularly.

I want them to know I know them and I care about them in personal ways.  I want to bless them for no particular reason.  I want them to feel truly loved.

I want to scratch their backs because my little boy scratches mine.

Who scratches your back?  How do you want to scratch others’ backs? 

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