Multi Day Road Trip and Take Along Meals

by GfG on July 28, 2014 · 2 comments

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Hours and hours in the car with eight people in one vehicle is most people’s idea of a good time.   Or not.  Our kids actually travel well and always have. I’m grateful for that.  I’ve shared my favorite plan for looooooong road trips.  Today I want to share another plan.

And I had some help creating it.

Eating out every meal on an extended road trip sounds great to most people, but it isn’t usually possible or a great idea.  It’s one of the reasons we love hotels with free breakfast, right?

Our family almost always packs a sack lunch/meal when we are going to be in the car all day.  I have made different kinds of things.  A main stay is cheese sticks, fruit, nuts, and granola bars.  And chips.  And oatmeal cream pies.  My kids insist that oatmeal cream pies are a Brouse tradition.  Whatever.

We eat up this stuff, literally and figuratively.

BUT…. this time I was stumped.  We needed almost four days worth of meals.  I wouldn’t have a kitchen.  I needed to bring most of it with us.

So… I did what any mom in 2014 does: I googled it and I asked on Facebook.

Wow, oh, wow!  Some fantastic ideas came my way.

First, check out this post. Four Moms Frugal Road Trip Meals

Then, give a gander at some of the ideas that my Facebook friends shared.

  • Pimento cheese sandwiches
  • Make ahead tuna and crackers
  • Loaf of french bread with muenster cheese and lunch meat, cut into servings
  • Seven layer dip
  • Bring a crock pot for use in the hotel
  • Tortilla roll ups
  • PB&J tortilla roll ups
  • Walmart popcorn chicken and bananas (potty break too)
  • Cream cheese with lunch meat sandwiches
  • Cream cheese and honey sandwiches
  • Ritz crackers with cheese slices and pepperoni
  • Ritz crackers with peanut butter
  • hard boiled eggs
  • summer sausage
  • chicken salad with lettuce for wrapping
  • egg and sausage mini quiches
  • pre-cooked chicken for wraps or sandwiches or just with chips

These ideas weren’t the typical PB&J or cheese and meat on bread gig.  They were twists on those and more.

So… with all of these ideas, we prepared some yummy meals for our big trip that will keep us from over spending but give us a bit more than our typical snack food fare.

I think it’s key to give some changes for the palate if you are going to do this for more than a day. Snack food every day gets old and then we are tempted to go to the drive through.

What did we choose?   Most of it was finger food. Actually, I think all of it but the first meal was hand held, no need for a plate food.

Saturday: L-refrigerator oatmeal  (in to go cups that we could throw away), D-summer sausage with cheese, chips, and grapes

refrigerator oatmeal to go

Sunday: B-free hotel breakfast, L-Laughing Cow cheese and turkey on a French loaf and carrots, D-eating out at the place we went with our wedding party

French bread sandwich

Monday: B-French bread with cream cheese and almond butter, L-cheese and turkey on Ritz and herb dip (add seasoning packet to a container of sour cream and take it like that) with carrot sticks, D-hot dogs and/or seven layer dip with chips and then s’mores

meals to go

Tuesday: B-bagels and cream cheese, L-cheese slices and pepperoni on Ritz, D-leftovers and snacks

We packed plenty of yummy snacks, including two varieties of nuts.    We plan to eat  out only once.  Pretty stinkin’ good.

We are also aiming for Sonic during happy hour, as we always do.  It makes it fun to have drinks we like and provides the feeling that we are eating out, when we actually aren’t.

So… that is how this large family plans to enjoy a vacation frugally, but also enjoy some yummy food.

I can’t wait to share the purpose of the trip… and the photos!  We’ll be home tomorrow.

How do you do meals on multi day road trips?

4 Days Road Trip Meals Yummy Make Ahead





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Jenny July 29, 2014 at 8:09 pm

By oatmeal cream pies, do you mean the “Little Debbie” snack-type? Just curious. :)
Thanks for this post. We are planning a road trip this fall and usually I bring snack-y stuff and we add a sub sandwich or burger from a restaurant. My daughter is diabetic and I’m always on the look out for snacks with a higher protein to carb ratio. She does need carbs when she is low so I’ve got to have quick carbs as well. :)
I met the Trim Healthy Mamas and bought their book at a homeschool convention this June, but have yet to read it. (The size is a bit intimidating!)
Thanks again!


GfG July 30, 2014 at 7:40 am

Yes, Jenny. The Little Debbie kind. 😉 I actually forgot to buy them for our trip and there was a bit of moaning in agony!

My husband is diabetic, so I have to keep snacks he can eat too.
The way we adjusted the meals for him:
Refrigerator Oatmeal: he had less oats and one container that didn’t have any. I used greek yogurt, almond butter, milk, and a few berries.
He didn’t have many of the crackers for either of the Ritz meals. Mostly meat.
I tore away more than half of the French bread for the sub sandwich. Again, mostly meat. And cheese.
I forgot them, but the plan was for peppers for dipping into the 7 layer dip instead of lots of chips for him. Instead he used corn chips and then no chips, just a spoon. :)
He only had half a bagel and used almond butter. Had almonds.

I hope this helps!

I liked THM for lots of things, but we couldn’t stick with it for several reasons. Hope it works for you!

Thanks for chiming in here!


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