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I have had six c-sections.  Seriously.

The first one was after laboring for sixteen hours, the second through fifth were scheduled, and the sixth was because I was having contractions.

In the past, cesareans have not been birth experiences for women, but doctor centered surgeries.

I want mothers, doctors, midwives, nurses and hospitals to make the most of c-sections by allowing protocol that completely change the atmosphere in the operating room.  I also want to help women make the most of their c-sections, before, during and after.

To that end… I have written an Ebook! Make the Most of Your C-Section: Prepare for a More Natural & Personalized Birth!

Who should read my book?  All pregnant women!  

  • Any woman preparing for her first c-section.
  • Any woman who is planning a natural birth.  Since any labor and delivery can end in a c-section (some studies say 34% of deliveries are c-sections, though that includes planned c-sections), it’s best to be prepared.  The suggestions in this wonderful book will help ensure even women who never dreamed they would have a c-section can create a personalized c-section!
  • Any woman who has had previous c-sections and wants a different birth experience in the operating room

Would you like your c-section to be a birth experience, not just a surgery?  Buy my book!

Read all about this wonderful book here! 

You can buy Make the Most of Your C-Section: Prepare for a More Natural & Personalized Birth for only $7.97.


Read my series on Family Centered C-Sections here at Grateful for Grace.  You can read how different c-sections can be.  Share them with your doctor!  She can not doubt the words of those doing the procedures!

A Patient’s Story: Erin

A Nurse Director’s Story: Tina

A Midwife’s Story: Niessa

An OB’s Story: Liz

Read my personal testimonies about some of my c-sections:

A Take on My First C-Section

My Fifth C-Section

A Bit of My 6th C-Section


Read the series and read my book!  Make the most of your c-section in the way you want!  I’m cheering you on.  If I can help you advocate in any way, please contact me.


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