Back to the Books {my chocolate love} Giveaway #1

August 7, 2014

Welcome! So glad you’re here. I’d love to have you join the community on my Facebook page and Instagram. Join in on the convo here by leaving a comment! Thanks for visiting! Pretend I served you chocolate or chai latte. Or both. May we grow in grace and truth together for all areas of our […]

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Back to the Books Celebration {Weekly Giveaways, Link Ups, & Instagram Fun}

August 5, 2014

It’s almost time to hit the (mom scheduled) books again!  That means it’s time for us to start our formal academic school year. We start school next week!  Wahoo!  Why so early?  Well, because we take a two week vacation in September-October and we like to end school by mid-May. That puts us starting… this […]

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Last Day to Buy This Limited Edition One of a Kind Autism Awareness & Adoption Fundraiser T-Shirt

August 4, 2014

Wouldn’t you just LOVE to support Autism Awareness as well as help our adoption fund?  One easy click can do it!  Buy one of this one of a kind and limited edition shirts that me and my friend, Edie, designed. Click here to BUY! Today is the last day to get them. They are fab. […]

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20 Years Later… A Dream Come True

August 1, 2014

{Still 3 days left to buy our Autism Awareness T-shirt that is an adoption fundraiser for our family! Giveaway details too!} On July 27, 1994, Paul and I entered into a covenant with each other and the LORD in a little roadside chapel, the Chapel of the Holy Dove, between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. […]

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Multi Day Road Trip and Take Along Meals

July 28, 2014

One more week to buy our Autism Awareness t-shirt that is helping fund our adoption!  Buy one! Share the love!  You could win an Amazon gift card. Hours and hours in the car with eight people in one vehicle is most people’s idea of a good time.   Or not.  Our kids actually travel well […]

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Adoption Fundraiser & Autism Awareness Combo {aka: Share & and You Could Win a Prize!}

July 21, 2014

Alrighty, friends!  We hope to get the call from the adoption agency to move into the active stage this week!  That means our fundraising has to kick into high gear. Thanks to the LORD, we have raised/earned $8,630.31 so far.  We still need $12,000 to meet the expected cost of the adoption.  Today… we kick off […]

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Keeping a Promise to Get a Dog {How to Make Your Kids Uber Happy}

July 21, 2014

When our lives took a sudden unexpected and unwanted turn, we had to find a home for our three kitties.  The camp dog that we loved on and cared for had died out of the blue just a month or so before that, so we didn’t have to find a home for her.  On top […]

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Are You Shacking Up with Your Church?

July 16, 2014

Finding a “home” church can be challenging.  If it weren’t for the people, the music, and the doctrine, it would definitely be easier.  Ahem. I’ve shared before some whys and hows in the joining a church gig.  Since then, I’ve become a bit more than aggravated at how Americans shop for and commit, or lack […]

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Super Summer Accessory {Buy a Wet Bag}

July 14, 2014

Swimming, playing in the rain, running through the sprinkler, and more are all fantastic summer (or, if you live in the South, spring and fall too) activities. If you and your kiddos do any of this, I want to share a wonderful item that comes in more than handy.  A wet bag. Ok, I don’t […]

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Why This Mama Loves Summer Camps for Special Needs Kids {For the Kids & for the Parents}

July 10, 2014

I shared a week ago about why I think young people should work at a summer camp for children with special needs.  Today, I’d like to share a different perspective on the same opinion. I worked as a counselor/leadership at a camp for kiddos with physical disabilities for five summers.  Then I married a summer camp director […]

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